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Breaking Cultural Rules about Gender Essays

Breaking Cultural Rules about Gender Essays Breaking Cultural Rules about Gender Essay Breaking Cultural Rules about Gender Essay Breaking Cultural Rules about Gender. To me, gender has always been the basic distinction between men and women. It signifies the difference between the way men and women lead their lives, how and with which gender they identify themselves. What this means to me, is that people divide themselves into two groups and identify themselves with the social attributes and gender roles associated with those genders. Gender is not simply the natural physiological distinction, it is also the construct into which people try to fit and identify with. Personally , I identify with the female gender role and in my ulture, the woman is the one whose responsibilities include tending to the house chores and to make sure everybody is well fed . The very first rule I had decided to break was to stop cleaning, cooking, doing laundry and serving food for a couple of days . In my culture, a typical Russian woman is faced with certain expectations that she is expected to follow because it simply is the order of things. I am expected to cook, to follow this gender role . It is a huge part of female gender role that I am accustomed to and this is exactly why I had decided to break it. I decided that the ost genuine responses are extracted when the family wont know it is an experiment and I had not told anybody about this . But already form the morning when I hadnt made breakfast for the family , or washed the dishes afterwards, my family was in shock and awe. This is exactly the type of response I had expected. While my mom and sister cleaned up the table, I Just sat there and drank my tea without any signs of haste. My mom came up to me and asked if I was feeling well or why I hadnt helped. My dad was telling me to resume the housework because miou are the eldest daughter and you have to . It became clear to me that this gender role had been passed down from generation to generation of women and I was Just following the culturally acceptable way. For my second experiment, I chose to borrow my boyfriends clothes for a day and take a ride on the train on Staten Island where I live. Usually, I try to look my absolute best by doing my hair, spending time on makeup and picking out a stylish outfit. On the train, I frequently catch men looking at me, and sometimes women giving me compliments as well. This time however, I decided to illicit a different response. I put on my boyfriends Jeans, one of his T- hirts a hoodie, and some chunky male sneakers. That day I didnt use makeup or hair products. The response I expected was a few dirty looks and nothing more, because some people were bothered by a woman dressing as a man. I assumed there would be nothing more offensive because I thought people were pretty open minded and could Just mind their own business. Then, I got on the train and say down slouched over with my legs spread in a manly sitting pose. Immediately I spotted a few Old Russian women staring at me and talking about me with disgusted looks on their faces. They were scolding me for how I was dressed as a man. Across from me were a few teenage boys who proceeded to make fun of me thinking that I couldnt hear them through my headphones, which I strategically put on silent. They out and how un-ladylike I was acting. I have never felt like this before and I was infuriated that people in NYC were still so closed minded living in this day and age . After conducting these experiments, I have concluded that gender rules in our society play a very important role in our daily lives. There are behaviors deemed only permissible for men or only for women. These behaviors are part of a gender role that dictates our standards and

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LED520 Cross-Cultural Communication and Leadership Assignment - 1

LED520 Cross-Cultural Communication and Leadership - Assignment Example The dichotomy of individualism/collectivism individuals from different cultures related with one another on an individual level and within a group. The degree of individualism or collectivism is determined, by the way, an individual responds to groups (Earley & Gibson, 1998). Some cultures encourage members to prioritize the needs of the group while in some personal needs come first. Power Distance, Individualism, uncertainty avoidance, and masculinity/feminism are the four dimensions of culture advanced by Geert Hofstede (Hofstedes Intercultural Dimensions, n.d.). The Power Distance dimension refers to the level of equality/inequality in a particular society. A society with high power distances are very unequal, and it is difficult to climb the ladder. Individualism dimension refers to the level of importance attached to individual achievements. Cultural metaphors help in understanding the difference in culture. It facilitates efficient cross-cultural communication (Vernon-Wortzel & Shrivastava, 1996). The idea is to select something that the members of a given society consider important. That thing can be used to comprehend the basic features of that given society (Vernon-Wortzel & Shrivastava, 1996). The use of cultural metaphors makes it easy to understand the most important features of a society. The cultural group selected for the project is Afghanistan. During the project, I had a chance to interact with Afghanistan Army soldier who also act as interpreters. It will be my first time to be in contact with people from Afghanistan. The Afghanistan people have a very distinct culture that is very different from the Western culture. The cultural activity entails working with the group of Afghanistan arm soldiers starting from April. We spent most of the time with soldiers because we work, eat, fellowship, and sleep beside each other. The

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Tips on Writing a College Essay

Tips on Writing a College EssayThe starting sentence of a college essay is often the most difficult of all to write. Since so much emphasis is put on this part of the essay, it's important that your grammar and punctuation skills are on point as well. Here are a few tips to help you out.The starting sentence of a college essay can be broken down into three different sections: A personal story, information that relate to your experience in the college, and the content of your essay. Each section can use its own start line. You should use a grammatical guide such as the College Writing Quiz for good writing practice. Using that guide will make sure that your first line includes the right words.Starting your essay with a personal story is often best done when describing a recent event in your life. Use a first line to describe the event. For example, if you're writing about a book you've recently read, you might use a personal story in place of an introduction or paragraph break.Informa tion about your college experience can come in either of two ways. You can provide a brief summary of what you learned in your coursework, or you can provide information from personal experiences. If you choose to go with a personal experience, use your first line to detail the situation. For example, if you were sent home from class because you were sick, you could say something like, 'I spent one day in the hospital before I was able to return to class.' If you choose to give examples of events that occurred at your college, provide enough information to show that you're giving a personal account.Your essay will have some relevant information about your education at your college. To keep it interesting, keep the paragraphs short and use your first line to introduce the information. If you're going to describe something that happened at your college, you should try to give it a background that ties in with the rest of your essay. You can do this by incorporating it into your first paragraph. For example, if you described how you visited the campus library, talk about how the library looked, why you went there, and how you found out about the library. If you decide to relate an event that took place in the real world, keep in mind that you should always use the first person in describing your experiences.One last tip on starting a college essay is to do a little bit of research about your topic before you write it. There are many colleges that require students to submit essays with a background in certain subjects or experiences that relate to the college. Doing a little bit of research on your topic, will make your essay much more original.Writing an essay is not easy. It requires a lot of practice to get it right every time. By using these tips, you'll be able to begin a powerful college essay that will impress your audience.

3.Account for the increasing number of children incarcerated in the Essay

3.Account for the increasing number of children incarcerated in the UK. Is this an effective means to tackle youth offending - Essay Example The increase in incarceration is simply a result of more punitive sentencing and remand decisions. At the same time, depriving children of their liberty is ineffective in terms of preventing further offending, is expensive and does incalculable damage to young people who are already among the most vulnerable in society – a point tragically confirmed by the death of two children in custodial establishments during 2004.† (Narco, 2005, p. 1) It is clear from such observation that though there has not been any such change at the rate of criminal activities in the socio-cultural backdrop of the United Kingdom, but the administration, as it has witnessed through its previous experience that, random imprisonment of children helps in cutting the rate of criminal offence down, that is why they are still sticking to the system. Such random process of child incarceration, though its is considered to be effective but in real life is not only results in tremendous psychological probl ems to the youth section of the society but at the same time they are also exposed to the risk of being abused or molested by criminal minded persons. Consequently, they either remain as psychological patients for the rest of their lives or they develop extremely hostile mentality against the society that provides them also with a criminal bent of mind. Statistics of 2004 shows that 205 youths, who were below 15 years of age were taken under custody and three of them, namely, Gareth Price (16), Gareth Myatt (15) and Adam Rickwood (14), expired unfortunately during their tenure in the custody. (Narco, 5005, p, 1) Such incidents bear enough evidence to show that in the name of justice or controlling crime what actually is happening is exploitation of the youth force of a nation and the administration is actually dragging the youth section to such a situation, where they are not

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What Everybody Dislikes About Affordable Custom Research Paper Writing and Why

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The Number One Question You Must Ask for Essay Writing Closing Sentence/transition Sentence

The Number One Question You Must Ask for Essay Writing Closing Sentence/transition Sentence The Fundamentals of Essay Writing Closing Sentence/transition Sentence Revealed It's possible to state briefly the points that are related to the thesis. These examples will function as a guide when they're creating their own text. Learn what is most effective for you, and act accordingly. To get essay online, you simply will need to fill in the application form and you'll get excellent work on the desired topic. It's possible to use spell checking applications to assist you. In a feeling, it is transitions which produce a paper become a real essay rather than just a random assortment of various facts. Focus on important information and highlight the most important point of view for more use. The judge, undoubtedly, thinks capital punishment isn't right. In the event the writer has not had a chance to interject an opinion about the subject, the last thought is the previous opportunity to achieve that. Virgil's acknowledgement and acceptance of the simple fact that the Roman Empire isn't an ideal institution ensure it is feasible for Virgil to write realistically and with a feeling of objectivity. As you can picture, a complete one-hour show about holiday traditions is likely to find boring! You might write a terrific essay with respect to content, but in case you have grammar mistakes or your answers aren't relating to the questions, say farewell to your good grade. Such inconsistencies may also confuse your reader and create your argument more challenging to follow along with. The thesis statement is most frequently placed at the close of the paragraph. So, you've got to Restate your Thesis. Quite a few different techniques that it is possible to utilize to set up coherence in paragraphs are described below. Parallel structures are made by constructing a couple of phrases or sentences which have the exact same grammatical structure and apply the very same elements of speech. Even though a topic sentence often appears at the start of a paragraph, it might also be set in the middle or at the end. On occasion the topic sentence occurs at the conclusion of the paragraph. A concluding sentence ought to be an overview of the preceding discussion, not incorporate any new info. A concluding sentence is utilized to signal your paragraph is coming to a conclusion. While your final commentary ought to be directly regarding the topic your paper addresses, you can connect it to broader ideas or aspects of routine life that are beyond the range of the essay itself. Each area of the paragraph has a crucial role in communicating your meaning to your reader. Try to remember, the goal of the concluding paragraph is to strengthen the introduction and body of the essay by summarizing the points you've already made. The second paragraph is rather different. Here's What I Know About Essay Writing Closing Sentence/transition Sentence More than 200 million are produced each year across the world. Select the points you would like to make throughout your work. Without light, we'd never know the attractiveness of light. You will write a better essay and cannot experience stress if you commence writing earlier than the previous night. It requires the writer to be mindful of what it is that they have written. This will assist the reader understand which you're finishing your essay. Ideally, you would like your reader to carry on considering your essay after they've read it.

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Motivation Project Essay Example for Free

Motivation Project Essay The drive to achieve goals is being motivated. Motivational theories are the processes to reach those goals. Being a new student in Caitlin’s situation is difficult. Catlin seems like she could be doing better. She isn’t pushing herself to her fullest. She lacks the desire to. Caitlin lacks a few of the things required for self-actualization; per her situation she is in she lacks a lot of motivation. She needs to find something worth achieving the grade for. She hasn’t achieved all the spots on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs; achievement motivation and neither intrinsic nor extrinsic motivation apply. Caitlin seems to have only hit a few points on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs chart. She lacks self-actualization, esteem and love/belonging. She doesn’t seem to know herself. She seems to be distracted given her situation. Physiological and safety she appears to have. She has to have physiological and safety she seems to have achieved. She lacks three out of five levels on the hierarchy of needs given her current situation. She lacks achievement motivation. There is nothing motivating her to achieve her goals in her world history class. Her life situation has her down regarding everything It is causing her to be distracted and she doesn’t have a way to be motivated to achieve her goals. She isn’t intrinsic motivated because she doesn’t seem to realize that there is a reason to achieve better than a c. She also doesn’t have extrinsic motivation because she is living a rough life. She doesn’t feel like she can achieve anything better. There is nothing either outside or inside of her that could push her to do better at his moment. I would say try and help her. Caitlin needs a friend. She is living in the next to impossible situation no that no one going to school wants to live. She is a new student and her parents are divorced. Her world has exploded for the average school age girl. She needs to know that she can trust you as her teacher. She needs to feel that you’re there and willing to help her with her both outside and inside academic issues. If she knows you’re willing to help with both then maybe she’ll better motivated to achieve higher grades. She needs a friend. Everybody needs to know they can trust their teacher. A healthy learning environment is the best thing that could be created for children.